Pastor Mary Mambo


Pastor Mary Mambo was a nurse in the upscale hospital in Nairobi and was the women’s ministry leader in a very large church in Nairobi. She was burdened by the Lord to go to the slums and set up a medical clinic. To do so, they would have to sell the family farm. After much prayer, she and the family decided to obey the call. Joseph, her belated husband, was a businessman and committed himself to support his wife’s vision of building a medical clinic in Mukuru Slums of Nairobi to help the poor. With homeless girls all around the slums, it wasn’t long before Mary built a small corrugated metal group home. Of course, children need an education and there were not schools in the slums, so she built one. We were first introduced to Mary and Joseph in 2005 upon visiting their work among the poor. Since those early days, Mary and Joseph started a church, rebuilt the school and a modern full-scale hospital in the Mukuru slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Their work in Mukuru is truly an oasis of hope and compassion for the destitute. Mary is an ordained pastor through the East African Theological Seminary and a nurse practitioner. Mary received an award from the city of Nairobi as the outstanding worker among the poor in 2009. Pastor Joseph died in 2021.