Our Children

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Wendy Akoth

Wendy joined The Cana Rescue Centre in 2021. Wendy’s very young mother died during delivery complications giving birth to her, and her father later died due to HIV/AIDS.  She was then left in the hands of her aunt. She faced difficulties staying with the aunt who was working as a prostitute bringing men in the house while Wendy was there. The aunt often would force her to sleep next to the men to provide for herself. Wendy slept many nights outside in the street to avoid these men, and grew weary of this life and reported it to a former teacher. The kindly teacher then reported it to the proper channels and was brought to The Cana Rescue Centre. Compassion for Africa has sponsored her with a safe and secure home. Wendy has received counseling and the love of Jesus.

Wendy is a very bright girl, and would make an outstanding teacher.