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victoria ambiyo

Victoria Ambiyo


I began living at the Cana Rescue Centre in 2010 at nine years old,  after the death of both parents. As an orphan I had no one to look after or take care of me.  I was left under the care of my aunt who was a drunker,  and would come home with different kinds of men, forcing me to sleep outside since it was a single room. I could go days without food and was not going to school since my aunt was financially unstable. Thankfully,  my aunt heard through a friend about the Cana Rescue Centre and she decided to bring me to Cana. Compassion for Africa has sponsored me since then, covering my needs for a good life and my education.


Am currently nineteen, and a student at Imperial College of Medical and Health Sciences in Thika, pursuing a Diploma in Community Development and Social Work. My dream is to work in a school, hospital or a children’s home as a social worker and my goal is to become a great person and benefit society.