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veronicah bosibori

Veronicah Bosibori


Veronicah is a vulnerable orphan. She was raised by poor parents until she turned four. Her parents were casual laborers who left their native home to work in Kiambu, and managed to take their children to school and to offer them basic needs. Veronicah lived with her parents until June 2018 when thugs attacked both parents and killed them. Veronicah and her two siblings were left alone, as the neighbors took the responsibility of burying the parents. Life became unbearable for the three children because after the funeral everyone left. Thus leaving them in their rented house as they dealt with the trauma of losing both parents, while experiencing daily hunger with little or no food. No one was willing to help them,  they dropped out of school and began roaming around the streets. Neighbors reported the issue to the area chief who approved of the uncle living in that area taking care of them but instead of doing so he abandoned them and continued with his life of drunkenness.  He would often come back home and beat and verbally abuse them, and even threaten to kill them. On hearing about the family, Cana Rescue Centre decided to intervene on behalf of Veronicah and her sister Lydia. Compassion for Africa, with a heart for the orphans found sponsors to support and educate Vero and sister Lydia..

Veronicah is now ten, and attending class 4 at Kings Primary School.

Vero wants to be a doctor when she grows up and also loves singing.