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trina shiundu shiliang

Trina Shiundu Shiliang


Trina came to the Cana Rescue Centre at the age of nine, and in third grade. Her mother had married a man from a tribe that believed having twins brought bad luck. If you delivered twins you must then somehow get rid of one of the babies. Trina’s mom was expecting twin boys, and to save them both, she ran away leaving her husband and their home behind. Her husband then gave into family pressure to accept another wife, thus severing any hope of her and the children returning home. She found herself as a mom of three young children with no place to call home, unable to feed and educate them. Hope was found when Pastor Mary Mambo Director of Cana Rescue Centre hired her as her personal house help with an offer to help find support to house and educate Trina. Compassion for Africa began supporting and educating Trina toward her good future.

Trina is  now thirteen and attending Junior Secondary school. With her love of cooking she hopes to attend college and become a Chef.