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susan mwende

Susan Mwende


Susan, is a determined seventeen year old, in her third year at Senior Chief Koinange girls High School, and aspires to do Civil Engineering. Susan came to The Cana Rescue Center after her life took a tough turn.  Her mom became very sick from a stroke and was bedridden. Her father didn’t have a stable job as a result of an accident, and still remains unemployed so he acts as a caregiver to Susan’s Mother.  Along with her four siblings, they often went hungry.  Susan and her siblings had to drop out of school to help their struggling family. The Cana Rescue Centre heard about Susan’s tough situation and wanted to lend a hand. They learned that her family struggled to make ends meet and Susan had stopped going to school. With kindness and compassion, they welcomed Susan and offered her the support she needed. Compassion for Africa then began sponsorship with providing her basic needs, housing, foods, and education.

Susan is a quiet young lady, enjoys listening to music,  and works hard at her studies to take advantage of this opportunity.