Our Children

Shantell Wanjiku


Shantell joined Cana Rescue Center when she was 7 years old. Shantel became an orphan when her mother died from an electrical shock. Her father had long since abandoned them both. She was taken in by her (late) grandmother along with her cousins. Taking care of all these children was a very big challenge to the grandmother as she had no income generating activity, they depend on help from well-wishers to feed them. Deciding to seek help for food, shelter and education, Shantell’s grandmother was directed to Cana Rescue Centre. Compassion for Africa’s sponsorship support has allowed Shantell to live a stable and secure life, providing her education and the hope of a good future.

Shantell is currently 16 years old, and attending High School in Komothai Girls High School in Form 2. She wants to be a fashion designer; she loves knitting and cooking.