Our Children

Prisca Onea


I am currently twenty-six. Cana Rescue Centre took me in 2004 when I was seven after my father died due to pulmonary tuberculosis.

My mother was left to care for four children, yet she did not have means of providing food, or shelter. Our living situations were terrible, we would sleep on the floor, go days without eating and sometimes we were forced to go look for scrap metals in rubbish pits so that we could sell them and get a few shillings to buy something to eat. My younger sister died because of the harsh conditions, my two brothers went to the countryside to stay with my grandmother, and I remained behind. Things were still bad until Cana came to my rescue.

Cana and Compassion for Africa have supported me throughout my life including my education. I am currently doing a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. I decided to pursue it as I realized that there are vast psychological and mental health issues, especially in the marginalized slum areas such as the Mukuru slums where I grew up. Also, in schools learners come from diverse backgrounds and are facing different challenges. My undergraduate degree is in Education as I have a passion for teaching.

Currently I am teaching at Rosslyn Academy an International school in Nairobi.

My desire is to help as many people as possible through the skills that I have acquired, just as I was helped when I needed it the most. I believe that I would not be here today if wonderful people such as the Cana Rescue Centre and Compassion for Africa sponsors had not come to my rescue at my worst.