Our Children

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Natasha Njambi


I, along with my sister Blessing, were privileged to join Cana Rescue Centre in 2012, then began receiving sponsorship through Compassion for Africa. When I was seven, our mother was killed by our stepdad, and Blessing and I were then left with our dad who is a drunkard till date. Being rescued from this life by Cana and having my (our) needs and education supported by a Compassion for Africa sponsor was an answer to young prayers. Here we discovered love, shelter, and educational opportunities for a better life.

I am twenty-one and completing my Diploma in Hospitality Management at Zetech University in Nairobi, along with doing an attachment in the Hospitality Management Industry.

My goal is to obtain a good paying position that will help me build myself, gain independence and move past poverty, wherein, showing others it is possible with the help of others and consistent work.