Our Children

Naomi Munaine


Naomi came to the Cana Rescue Centre when she was seven years old in 2012.  Naomi’s father died of Tuberculosis which left her mother with eight children to feed and care for. The death of Naomi’s father left her mother with no financial stability, hence, the inability to care for them. Naomi’s aunt from the paternal side of the family was concerned, seeing that Naomi’s under-nourishment was affecting her growth, and development. She took action and brought Naomi to Nairobi. She was then advised to take her to Cana Rescue Centre for help. Once joining Cana, it took months of intense care for Naomi to regain health and strength. She remains a small child to this day as a result. Compassion for Africa began supporting her through our sponsorship program allowing for extra nutritious foods to help her grow.

Naomi is currently 16 years old, in High School in Form 1 at Kanjeru Secondary school. She aspires to be a doctor when she finishes school, she also loves helping in the house, and reading her Bible. Naomi has a very soft heart toward the suffering of others.