Our Children

Lucy Wanjiku


Lucy is an orphan in a family of two siblings, her father died of HIV/AIDS related to her mother who was bedridden for eight months and couldn’t take care of her, so her aunt took her in. Her aunt being a single mother with four children and unemployed it was hard for her to take care of Lucy. This led Lucy to go door to door to beg for food, so her aunt sought help from churches and neighbors. Since she wasn’t attending school the area chief advised the aunt to seek help and was directed to Cana Rescue Center so that Lucy can receive an education and basic needs. Upon coming to Cana Rescue at eight years old, Lucy began being sponsored by Compassion for Africa.

Lucy is currently in her final year of high school Form 4 at Komothai Girls High School. When she is done with her studies, she would love to pursue fashion and design and become the best-known designer worldwide. She loves drawing and anything that involves fashion.