Our Children

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Kasiva Mbula Nzuki

Kasiva is a total orphan in a family of three siblings, two sisters and one brother. She was raised by a single mother who died of HIV/AIDS related cases, forcing Kasiva to begin living with her uncle who was a jobless alcoholic. Life was not easy with her Uncle. School attendance was inconsistent because of the lack of learning materials, and many times she went to bed without food. The wife of the uncle was mistreating Kasiva by forcing her to remain home from school doing house chores and tending to her own children. When teachers became concerned about Kasiva’s situation with poor performance and torn ragged clothes and hunger, they consulted a Children Officer. When Kasiva’s uncle chased his wife out of the house,  it became improper and unsafe for her to stay with the alcoholic uncle. A caring neighbor of her late mother found out about the Cana Rescue Centre and brought her there. Kasiva was only six at the time. Compassion for Africa immediately began sponsorship and met all of Kasiva’s needs, including beginning a consistent education.
Kasiva is now fifteen and in class 8 Kings Primary School .

Kasiva loves acrobatics, dancing and making friends.  She aspires to be a doctor.