Our Children

jeel adhiamb2

Jeel Adhiamb

6 years old  (Exact birth date unknown at this time)

Jeel was taken to the Children’s Service Department by the Volunteer Children Officer from Lunga Lunga. She (Jeel) reported that she was staying with her father but they did not have a house. Her father would walk around looking for a vacant house where they would spend the night. On the day she was rescued, her father had taken her to a bar, where he started drinking alcohol with his friends. He left her in the bar with his friends after he excused himself to go purchase something but he never returned. The matter was reported at the police station. Jeel was brought to Cana Rescue Centre on 25 May 2022 by an officer from the Sub-County Children’s office and she is currently in Cana Kings School in Pre-Primary 1.

Currently Jeel is sponsored by Compassion for Africa and has entered PP2 as of Jan 2023. She is now an active, very talkitive, and humorous girl who loves Jesus and sings about Him.