Our Children

Jane Wakwasa Kasini


I came to the Cana Rescue Centre in 2011 when I was in grade 4. I have finished college at Vera Beauty College and Fashion Design with a Diploma in cosmetology (hairdressing and beauty therapy). Before I came to Cana, I was living with my mother upcountry. The situation was tough for her to take care of since she was a single mum with eight kids to take care of and suffering from AIDS herself. I lost my dad to TB and AIDS a long time ago in my childhood. My aunt became my guardian and yet was unable to care for me herself. Doing her best, she decided to take me to Nairobi to give me an education, so I joined Cana Primary school in Mukuru Slum l. After a Social Worker confirmed the unbearably harsh situation in which I was living, and seeing my efforts in studies, Pastor (Mum) Mary decided to rescue me and that is how I became part of Cana family and began the sponsorship program by Compassion for Africa. In 2012 my CFA sponsor came to visit me at the Cana Rescue Centre.

Am so proud of the late Reverend (Dad) Mambo and Mum Mary for their support in my life, they have impacted me both spiritually and physically together with Compassion for Africa.

Am curranty working at an upscale Salon and  Spa doing Nail Art. I aspire to own one of the biggest Hair and Nails Spa by the grace of God.