Our Children

francisca mwikali2

Francisca Mwikali

7 years old (as of May 2022, no known birth date)

Francisca’s case was brought to the attention of the Children’s Service Department office by the school head teacher of St. Michaels Primary School. She informed the office that Francisca had reported to class with hands that were swollen as a result of being burned. She could not manage to hold a pen in her hand nor could she write. When the class teacher asked what had happened to her, she informed the teacher that her mother had beaten and burnt her. A Child Protection Volunteer was assigned the duty of establishing what exactly had happened to Francisca. She noted that Francisca’s hands were swollen and her legs had markings of a cane and the forehead was swollen as well. She was taken to Makadara Health Centre where she was treated and her wounds dressed. The matter was reported at Jogoo Road Police station.  On 16 December 2021, Makadara Law courts committed Francisca to Cana Rescue Centre. She is currently attending Cana King’s School in Grade 1. Francisca is being sponsored by Compassion for Africa and in Grande 2 as of January 2023. The outward wounds that she arrived at Cana with have healed, as well as those pressing on her heart.

Francisca loves to dance, draw and live in a warm stable home with those who love and embrace her.