Our Children

Eurelia Andabwa (best known as Yush)


In 2004 at the age of five, Cana Rescue Centre took me in as part of their family. When my mother died of an unknown illness, my brother and I were left in the hands of our elderly grandmother. We suffered from lack of basic needs like food, clothing, and even shelter, and would often go days without anything in our stomachs. The fear of the landlord kicking us out of the rented room was almost constant.

Cana Rescue Centre, along with the financial support of my Compassion for Africa sponsor, has allowed me to safely reach the age of twenty-four, with an opportunity for an extended education. Using my Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication, I am currently also earning a certificate in Digital Marketing.

My dream is to work as a radio presenter for a well-known radio station, and to have my own digital marketing consultancy company. I desire to lift other children in need and guide them to a better life. I am honored to assist in building the dreams of other children through living by example and teaching Christian music and dance teams. Any free time I have I work out and sometimes do personal training at the gym.