Our Children


Diane Mbithe


I joined The Cana Rescue Center in the year 2014 after my mother passed away and my  father was not in a good position to take care of me. When my mother passed away, I went through a hard time of being raised by many relatives including my elder sister who had two children. She was not financially stable, so she couldn’t afford taking care of me together with the other children. Life became hard since I was  sometimes forced to go with my  sister to look for jobs in an attempt to get food. Later my  sister heard about The Cana Centre rescuing young girls. She decided to bring me  and that’s how I  joined the Cana Rescue Center. I have been sponsored by Compassion for Africa who has paid for my needs and higher education thus far.  I am currently eighteen and studying for a Diploma in Hospitality Management at Zetech University.

My  goal in life is to serve people with a lot of humility and discipline wherever I will get a job and also open a hotel or bakery.