Our Children


David Kagame


David is the last of 5 children. After the death of both parents to AIDS, his grandmother took in all her five grandchildren. They lived in a ghetto two miles north of Jinja. After sometime a distant relative came from Rwanda and took three of the children, leaving the youngest two. Edith, the KINS Redeemer housemother, learned of the struggles of the older lady and presented the need to us. We prayed and felt the need to take David into the Kins Redeemer Children’s Home. Compassion for Africa began sponsoring David’s needs and education. David still remembers life in the ghetto very well. He had not attended school previously therefore he was behind. David has since proven how bright he is, and completed Secondary school, and has a diploma in Welding. As of 2023 he is completing advanced training. David raises rabbits, tailors, and finds ways to help support himself. He attends church in Kampala where he lives.