Our Children

Cynthia Adhiambo


I joined the Cana Rescue Centre when I was eight years old. My mom was a single mother, jobless with lots of responsibilities taking care of myself and my siblings. She was unable to afford to take me to school, hence, I was about to be made to go to the country where education would be quite affordable, although poor. However, through a neighbor, she heard about Cana Rescue Centre and brought me there. I passed my school interview and I was given a new set of uniforms. This brought me so much joy since I didn’t want to go upcountry and suffer in the hands of mean relatives. Compassion for Africa began sponsoring my support and education. I joined Cana primary school, then through Compassion for Africa I completed my studies with a Degree in Bachelor of Commerce-Accounting.


I am an Accountant and I’m grateful to God for bringing Cana Family and Compassion for Africa to help me.