Our Children

Catherine Awuoche


Having faced many harsh challenges at home while staying with an uncle, no longer having parents I was unable to access basic needs, such as food, clothing, safe shelter, or quality education. I had no choice but to seek help from the Centre where my cousin was receiving help. In 2010, at the age of eight, Cana Rescue Centre became my home, and Compassion for Africa began sponsoring for my needs and education.

Currently I am 21 years of age, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing at Daystar University Nairobi. This is in line with my dreams to continue in the healthcare field and grow professionally. I would love to further my education abroad and consider theater nursing, or informatics as my area of specialization. I have grown to be a dignified, God-fearing woman, with integrity, and am goal oriented to impact the world in all I do. When not schooling, I volunteer as a health worker/first aider. In My free time I explore beauty, art, fashion, and cosmetics.