Our Children

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Caroline Kalunde


I am Carol Kalunde, and I came to the Cana Rescue Centre in the year 2013 when I was eight. My mother became a widow after I lost my father and was hopelessly  jobless. She couldn’t provide for my basic needs, foods, nor fund my education. My security and safety as a girl was not guaranteed since I was surrounded by male relatives, and my mother would leave me with them and go to search for any job to make sure we have something small on the table. By God’s Grace I was able to come to the Cana Rescue Centre where my light started to light up. Compassion for Africa has been supporting me thus far with love and education. Education is our only hope of changing the future we once faced. I lead Praise and Worship in church, love to pray, and have earned Leadership Awards during High School.

I opt to do Nursing at Kenya Medical Training College. I believe that Nursing is the best way to make a difference in people’s lives because it combines my natural empathy and desires to help people. It will  give me a chance to positively touch people’s lives and that’s my greatest desire. I am aiming to become a Theatre Nurse as an area of specialization in future.